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30 jeffress ave, asheville nc, 28803
Mon-Fri 08:00 AM - 05:00 PM
The Asheville Lights Story
Weaving Magic, One Light At A Time

You can call Asheville Lights your architects who help you transform the simplest of places into enchanting wonderlands. Our story is definitely one for the books! In 2015, Cedric Merrils kick-started the idea of making a Christmas Light Installation company a reality. As an electrical engineer by profession, it fits right into his caliber to own a light installation company that gets the job done and does it with great passion and excitement.

Much of this dedication is credited to his own childhood memories of his parents lighting up their homes during Christmas and creating a winter wonderland for his family and friends to enjoy. As he reminisces his memories, he sets foot into this journey to help others live this dream, not just for homes but also for commercial spaces. Thanks to his professional experience, Asheville Lights is now the go-to service provider if you're looking for lighting solutions that are not only functional but also aesthetic.

Founded with a desire to spread the simple joys that these festivities bring about, Asheville Lights is your premier choice for all your lighting projects. Our journey is one of innovation and cutting-edge technology with a touch of professionalism that transforms your spaces into breathtaking landscapes that you might have only dreamed about. Our team is well-trained and experienced in all kinds of lighting solutions, starting from meticulously surveying your environment, discussing your vision, sharing our expert opinions, and, of course, encapsulating all these into the design of your choice.

With an eye for aesthetics and detail, you can count on the Asheville Lights team to help craft the arrangement of your dreams, capturing the very essence of the festivities.

We believe that all our clients deserve only the best service, so you can lay back and watch as we put together different elements into the landscape and live together the canvas that will be your illuminated masterpiece.

Whether you need us to light up a grand soirée, a wedding, an intimate gathering, or a celebratory party, we have all you need to create lasting memories that will linger with you even when the lights come off.

So open your doors to Asheville Lights and see how we turn an ordinary space with ordinary lights into something straight out of a fairytale book.

Contact us now, and let the festivities begin!

Mission Statement

The Asheville Lights mission is to infuse the spirit of festivity into every space you can think of. We are devoted to crafting magic through lighting solutions that will elevate your festive experiences to a new level. 

Through our innovative approach, we aim to become the epitome of festive illumination that is sure to take your breath away and leave a lasting impression. There’s no room for ordinary lighting when it comes to Asheville Lights. Every single bulb is purposely placed to play a role in making homes and businesses shine like never before.

At Asheville Lights, we are always pushing boundaries for inspiration that will certainly aid in making our creations shine through. Our team of experts works tirelessly to bring what you envision into a tangible experience so that you can tell your story through the magic of our lighting solutions.

You can count on Asheville Lights to enhance the beauty of your community, especially during this festive season, by brightening homes, businesses, and streets through our lighting services. 

You will find our unwavering passion and commitment to deliver on all your needs at the heart of our mission. We strive for excellent results through unparalleled customer service and an effort to weave our understanding of the human experience and craftsmanship to make your celebrations come to life.

We aim to exceed your expectations through every beam, flicker, and glow of light. Contact us today, and you will not be disappointed.

Your Ultimate Festive Lighting Partner

When it comes to holiday time décor, there’s nothing more wholesome than Christmas lights illuminating everything around you. There’s just something about the twinkling lights, and the different colors they come in that makes you feel like Christmas is finally at your doorstep.

Everyone who has celebrated Christmas knows it never feels the same without Christmas lights. In fact, we will go as far as to say that Christmas is just not Christmas without a few hanging lights around the house and a Christmas tree to top it off!

However, we do understand the hassle that comes with holiday decorations, especially when it comes to stringing up lights all over your house. 

This is why Asheville Lights exists! The start of this venture was fueled by just one simple passion: to bring the spirit of Christmas alive through lights.

We want everyone to enjoy the essence of the festivities in the highest order, and so the team at Asheville Lights comprises professionals in the industry who know their way around lights and hanging them up with precision. But it’s not just about putting up lights with us at Asheville Lights. Look below to see what our services entail and if you’d be interested in hiring us!

Your Vision Is Our Goal

You might have envisioned a sparkling chandelier or a few hanging lights looking magical on a tree or a photo booth area with the warmest ambience that is inviting to everyone. 

Whatever your visions are, our clear goal is to make it a reality. 

We have a team of design experts who will stop at nothing to bring your ideas to life.

Fully Qualified

Meet Our Team

Adam Foster

Executive Officer


Jason Sterling

Marketing Head


Captain Leo

Happy Employee

We Do The Dirty Work

We all appreciate and long for Christmas lighting, which is the talk of the town, but underneath all of that is a truckload of equipment and dangling wires that are not so aesthetically pleasing, nor is it a sight to look forward to. 

But you don’t have to worry about that anymore because we at Asheville Lights have everything you need without you having to lift a finger.

All you need to do is tell us what your plans are, and we will execute them as seamlessly and efficiently as possible. From grand spotlights to accent features, we do it all! 

We can create the winter wonderland of your dreams along with any add-on features at your request.

Our Advantages
Why Choose Asheville Lights For Your Holiday Lighting Needs?
We also value the idea of sustainable businesses, which is why we go above and beyond to ensure that we are not causing any excessive harm to the environment through our projects.
Sustainability With A Twinkle

Every installation begins with a meticulous planning phase to ensure the safety of both our team and your property.

Product Expertise

As with any other industry, ours is also constantly expanding and growing with new technology.

Customer Satisfaction

It goes without saying that the Asheville Lights team is dedicated to providing the highest quality service.

Respectful & Courteous

We understand that time is money; with this in mind, we are very clear and strict on punctuality.

Accessible & Responsive

As we mentioned, we are adamant about delivering top-notch customer service for all our clients

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Our Team
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